Annihilation (2)
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She assumes the rest of the team are suffering similar effects.

Thorensen is traumatised by what she has experienced so far, and this is heightened when she discovers that Lena hid the fact that Kane (who she saw in the video) is her husband, and that her own finger prints are moving on her hands. She succumbs to paranoia, and ties Lena, Ventress, and Radek to chairs – threatening to cut open Lena’s abdomen to see if her intestines are moving. At this point, they hear Sheppard screaming outside, and Thorensen runs to the door – accusing Lena of lying about Sheppard’s death as she goes. When she opens the door behind the team, however, she attacked by the returning bear and – once it takes a break to catch its breath - we realise that it is the bear's voice that sounds like Sheppard...

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