Paddington 2 (3)
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Mary takes the lead in building a case against Phoenix Buchanan – but the perfect moment occurs after she has smuggled her way into Buchanan’s home.

Mary has discussed nothing of her plan with Henry – not out of spite, but simply because she believes in it, and knows he will not. So she does it anyway, and he spots her in Buchanan’s conservatory from the Brown’s bathroom window. Incensed, he descends, and taps on the conservatory window – glowering at her to let him in. He enters, whisper-yelling his demands for an explanation. At this point, Mary has everything under control, and knows what she is doing, but from the moment Henry involves himself, things go awry. He breaks a vase and, when Buchanan returns unexpectedly, he is so bad at hiding that he gets them caught.


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