Justice League (1)
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The experience of watching the first live-action Justice League film is a fun one, overall. There are moments of air-punching joy, and cheer-inducing happiness. But, the fact is that most of these moments are centred on male characters and, while that may be expected in a film with only one female member of the titular superhero team, this is a disappointment – because we had been led to believe that something very different was on the cards.

Man Of Steel was heavy on the testosterone, but this was tempered by a phenomenal Lois Lane (Amy Adams) – getting in there with her unabashed ambition and tenacity, and actually driving the plot forward with real, honest-to-goodness action. In addition, she was joined by the villainous Faora-Ul (Antje Traue) who was a devoted follower of General Zo...

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