The Silence Of The Lambs (2)
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self-loathing nature, and the root of his extreme anger.

A secondary transphobic issue is found when The Silence Of The Lambs is viewed from a feminist perspective because, while intersectionality requires that none be subjugated for the elevation of another, it does seem that the nature of the crimes of Jame Gumb are used to facilitate a narrative that focuses on sexism against cis females. The fact that he abducts women and kills them for the purpose of using their skin can be seen as an allegory of the male desire to possess women, and more specifically to invade, dominate, and besiege women’s space. It is, in the context of this story, the ultimate manifestation of male entitlement – for a man to literally take a woman’s skin to serve his own needs, as if women are merely a resource to be con...

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