Barbarella (2)
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to be Durand Durand.

Durand Durand pledges to kill Barbarella with pleasure, and restrains her within the Excessive Machine. This allows the torturer to play music on a keyboard, which directly controls the way in which the occupant’s body is massaged. The machine removes Barbarella’s clothes, and she begins to experience increasing levels of orgasmic pleasure. Durand Durand warns that the end is nigh for the heroine, but she is able to simply enjoy all the pleasure the machine has to give. Durand Durand becomes frustrated, and quickly goes from using seductive language, to telling Barbarella that she is a terrible person, and a brazen harlot. Barbarella and Durand Durand then engage in battle to be the first to reach the Great Tyrant’s Chamber Of Secrets, after the doctor reveals his plan to stage a co...

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