John Wick: Chapter 2 (2)
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character of Cassian.


John Wick fights both of them separately, and stabs both of them in the chest, in the same spot. With Cassian, he leaves the knife embedded in his torso, telling him that it is lodged in his aorta, and that removing it would kill him in seconds. “Consider this a professional courtesy,” growls Wick – referring to an earlier comment from Cassian, as he disappears off into the crowd. This creates some ambiguity as to the fate of Cassian. Although he has been gravely wounded, we do not see him die, which creates a chance of survival in the minds of the audience.

Ares, on the other hand, takes a knife to the same spot in her chest, looks John Wick in the eye, and endures him pulling the knife back out. They exchange a brief communication, and then she...

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