Man Of Steel (3)
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incarceration in the Phantom Zone. She does this because she has no agency, and because her behaviour is genetically pre-determined.

But, Faora-Ul is a part of the deceptive nature of Man Of Steel. Even though she is an unquestioning follower of Zod, we are afforded a greater insight into her motivations than we would be if she were simply a ‘fem-bot minion’ that we have seen so often in other movies. We see her fall to her knees in despair as she watches her home planet of Krypton explode, while she orbits in the Phantom Zone. We hear her carefully explain to Superman – while throwing him around like a doll – that the lack of conscience she and her colleagues share gives them an evolutionary advantage. This snippet of information in particular clues us in to the extent to which gen...

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