Man Of Steel (2)
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are four women central to the narrative, alongside Superman – Lois Lane, Martha Kent, Lara Lor-Van, and Faora-Ul. These are not the only women in the movie, though. Amid a cast list that includes 41 named characters, 14 of them are women – albeit women who make fleeting appearances. Three of them are Kryptonians (Ro-Zar, played by Mary Black; Car-Vex, played by Samantha Jo; and Nadira, played by Apollonia Vanova); four of them are involved in various glimpses of Clark’s youthful heroics (Lana Lang, played by Jadin Gould; Chrissy, played by Carmen Lavigne; Helen Ross, played by Heidi Kettenring; and Ms Rampling, played by Lesley Bevan); one is an intern at the Daily Planet (Jenny, played by Rebecca Buller); and one is an Army Major (Major Carrie Farris, played by Christina Wren). Also, there’s the voice o...

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