Alien (3)
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inserts a lengthy proboscis into the mouth, and down the throat. It then impregnates the host - but this process seems to take some time, as the face-hugger remains attached for an extended period. The adult Xenomorph uses a double-jaw feature, which sees it open its sizeable mouth to reveal a second, smaller, sharp-toothed proboscis, which slowly slides out before punching its way into the skull of its victim. Alternatively, the victim is over-powered, and dragged away (which is revealed in 1986’s Aliens to be for the purpose of ‘cocooning’ and impregnation).

Again, this is a rape analogy – and the Xenomorph is indiscriminate in its choice of victim. It exists simply to kill and reproduce, as it is a highly efficient predator. Its first victim of impregnation in Alien is K...

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