Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (3)
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moment in the movie in terms of its feminist-leaning narrative, because it clearly demonstrates that the white-male-centric status quo does not strictly apply here. Yes, the story revolves around Peter Quill – a white man – but he exists within a tale that takes the concept of patriarchy, and tears it down. The Ravagers like to think of themselves in a predatory fashion – and seek out resorts such as this to fulfil their needs. This is but a temporary escape from reality for them, however, and that reality sweeps in on Ayesha’s carpet. She is the reminder that the Ravagers are actually very far down the food-chain. This places the Ravagers in a perspective that views their ‘old guard’ male ego in a very harsh light.

But, Yondu, specifically, has the chance to redeem himself. While m...

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