Godzilla (2014) (2)
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other women to be spotted in the movie, if you look really hard and refrain from blinking. For example, there is ‘Head Nurse’, played by Jill Teed; ‘Mom In Japanese Jail Waiting Room’, played by Yuko Kiyama; ‘Akio’s Mother’, played by Yuki Morita; ‘Young Girl On Beach’, played by Zoe Krivatsy; ‘Mother On Beach’, played by Lise Krivatsy; ‘Older Woman At Beach Bar’, played by Lynne Halevi; and ‘Evacuation Worker #2’, played by Amy Fox. The vitally important point to make here, is the epic failings of Godzilla in terms of intersectional feminism.

A significant portion of the film takes place in Japan, but we only really catch a glimpse of two Asian women – one as the mother of a jailed teen, and one as the mother of a...

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