The Monsters, Inc Franchise (3)
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they have to stop her, for her own good.

The thing is, though, this is a false narrative, and this is the second problem with these films. The presence of these terrible women allows for Mike and Sulley to look outside of themselves for excuses for their situations. They can point at Boo as the source of their troubles in the first film, because she should never have escaped from her bedroom. They can blame Dean Hardcastle for their troubles in the second film, because she threatened to exclude them from the Scare School. But, the truth is, Boo escaped from her bedroom because Sulley opened her bedroom door after hours (Randall Boggs having left it on the Scare Floor for his own nefarious purposes). The reason Sulley returned to the Scare Floor is because Mike had failed to file his paperwork in accordan...

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