The Monsters, Inc Franchise (2)
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overcome obstacles. It is a story of determination, and of acknowledging our flaws as individuals. Mostly, though - once again - it is a story about dudes trying to make it in a world where women are holding them back.

We meet Mike first, as a young child on a field trip to the Monsters Inc power station. He is rejected by everyone on his trip and is lumbered with Mrs Graves (Bonnie Hunt) – his teacher - as a partner. He watches the scarers with awe, sneaks away from his group and manages to get into a human child’s bedroom to see the scaring process up close. As a result, he is heartily reprimanded by Mrs Graves, but declares his intention to become a scarer. This is his singular ambition, and when we pick up his story again, he is arriving at the prestigious Monsters University &nd...

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