Bridget Jones’s Baby (And The Bridget Jones Trilogy) (3)
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in the past, just as we have seen them reunite, and this is simply another chapter in their story. The important point is that Bridget, over 15 years, has taken an emotional journey to which women of all walks of life can relate. It is about her relationship with the world, and with society. It is the depiction of a woman sifting through the toxic detritus that is constantly funnelled into her existence through a combination of pop culture and historical prejudices, and finally developing an effective filtering system to allow for clearer thought and vision.

This is best demonstrated in the final shot of the film as Bridget - toddler in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other – strolls off down a hillside toward her wedding reception. Her hair is perfect, her dress is perfect, and she just m...

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