Bridget Jones’s Baby (And The Bridget Jones Trilogy) (2)
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party, she chooses to give her attention to Daniel Cleaver, who turns up drunk. In Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason, Bridget assumes that Mark has helped her out of prison simply because his law firm sent him to do so (since that is his explanation), and only considers the romantic implications of it once her friends encourage her to do so. It is then Bridget that makes a declaration, and rekindles their relationship. In Bridget Jones’s Baby, as Mark unexpectedly arrives to find a locked-out Bridget, he certainly does help her regain access to her flat in decisive fashion – but this is preceded by a sequence that illustrates Bridget experiencing the very realistic kind of hormonal irrationality that comes with being eight and half months pregnant.

It is also followed by a sequence in wh...

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