Looking Back Through The Mists Of Time, We Find...Exactly This (2)
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Wedding Singer: Women are evil, except for that one who is unassuming and amenable;

Godzilla: Ambitious women ruin everything for men;

Six Days And Seven Nights: Women might turn a guy down, but they come around eventually;

Armageddon: A woman’s place is to watch, misty-eyed, while unqualified men save the world.

The point is that the nauseating, systemic sexism in these films – and the industry that created them – constitutes a two-pronged attack on the notion of social equality. This unending torrent of white male-centric storytelling causes internalised misogyny among everyone, which we then project onto the world around us – only to find that those sexist messages are borne out by the rest of society. If mass media consi...

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Table of Contents

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