Suicide Squad (3)
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eyes of the characters around her linger, and she is completely detached from that. She is being objectified by them, because, sadly, that’s what people do in the world when confronted by a scantily-clad woman – regardless of her reasons for dressing that way. In flashback, when she is dressed in a shirt, suit-skirt, stockings and heels, the camera still hovers at a low angle, sweeping up over her calves – because guess what? She’s working in a male-dominated profession, in a male-dominated environment. Of course she’s being objectified as she walks through Arkham Asylum.

Moving on to Katana, this is a role that I find to be somewhat problematic. First of all, she is an excellent character. She is highly skilled in martial arts and sword-fighting, and uses a blade that traps the sou...

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