Suicide Squad (2)
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Animated Series. She proved to be a fascinating creation, however, and was added to DC comic book canon less than a decade later. She has since become a popular supervillain in her own right.

Suicide Squad briefly lays out the origin story of Harley Quinn. She was previously Dr Harleen Quinzel M.D, and she worked at Arkham Asylum. The Joker was one of her patients and, over the course of their sessions, she fell in love with him. He tests her resolve by torturing her, and eventually gives her the option of devoting herself to him entirely. She chooses to make that oath, and dives into the same vat of chemicals that he once fell into. It is literally a baptism into a life of crime with The Joker, and he dives in to welcome her with open arms.

People have analysed and deconstructed the H...

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