The Fundamentals Of Caring (2)
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of wisdom carefully dispensed, Peaches is very much a passenger on this journey – until her true purpose is revealed in the final act.

The group do make it to the World’s Deepest Pit, and in doing so, magically heal the rift between Dot and her father (Bobby Cannavale) – who, it turns out, has been following at a distance to ensure her safety. But, the big moment comes as Dot, Peaches and Trevor descend into the bottom of the pit, while Ben remains in the car park. He receives a panicked phone call from Dot, indicating that something has happened and, fearing for Trevor’s wellbeing, Ben dashes down the access to slope to find them. He is greeted by a large crowd, who have gathered around Peaches. She is in labour, on the floor.

What follows is a ham-fisted metaphor, as the gr...

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