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“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.”
– Jim Morrison, lead singer and lyricist of The Doors


“Yay, kittens!”

I was just coming up the stairs from the family room when I heard the commotion. Oma and Opa had just arrived from the farm and decided it would be a wonderful surprise to bring kittens for each of the kids. The kids, of course, were delighted. Before I had even made it to the top step, they came stampeding down the stairs and each with a little fur ball in hand.

“Look, Daddy!” cried my youngest daughter. “Oma and Opa brought us kittens!”

When I reached the landing I found my wife standing with hands on her hips.

“What?” asked my father-in-law. “Kids love kittens.&r...

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