Chapter 15 (2)
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had done nothing wrong, but she felt the heat of their scorn burning away her self-esteem.


To lose the ability to fly through accident or combat was one thing. To allow prey to inflict such a disability without struggle was—abominable, unthinkable, and, above all, shameful. What must they think of her for inflicting such humiliation on a fellow Hooark?

Pellets, what do they know about it? They’re cowards, the lot of them! Aa forced herself to raise her head and meet their stares defiantly.

As Maat summoned Jarn to step forward and hear his fate, Aa was forced to revise her estimate of how long the effects of Wi’s punishment would last. Wi might fly again, once the heat abates and the leaves fall, Aa thought. But he will not be allowed to forget this f...

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