Chapter 9
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 “She’s not angry with you anymore,” Bali said, for the third time. “She wants to talk to you.”

“She wants to kill me. She said so. If I’m going to be a Hooark’s next meal, she’s going to have to work for it. I’m not going to walk into her beak again,” said Phyr.

“She’s changed. Hi’s been talking to her. Sa Chas told her if she wants to stay, she has to work with you. If she kills you, she has to leave. You’d be the first to admit she doesn’t want to do that,” said Bali.

Phyr remained seated at the base of Shaae’s nest. He didn’t want to talk to Aa. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. He wanted some eeika juice.

“You don’t have to say anything,” Bali said, as...

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