Elwin\'s Banishment
By Joshua Moody

Joshua Moody      12/18/23 11:17 AM

Great news! The new series has been approved and it is currently scheduled to release the first part during the first week of January and continue on a weekly basis for 6 months.

Joshua Moody      12/10/23 8:30 PM

It's been almost 4 1/4 years since I last made an update on this series, but I'm finally ready to start working on the sequal that will cover the 3rd dark war and the gift of magic to the elves. It will be called Elwin's Last Stand. The birth of magic and the death of a god change the lives of elves and thier decendants, be it elf or human. For that story, you will have to wait for me to finish writing the full novel series that cover the events in the future.
Kara Klotz      12/18/23 9:56 AM
So exciting!

Joshua Moody      7/15/19 9:55 PM

Over the last 15 weeks I have introduced a few key characters: Elwin, Fraeya and Vanima. As the story moved forward I have shown bits and pieces of the past to enhance the character development. The MC has faced the antagonist many times so far. Part 16 will conclude the latest encounter with the creature. It's my hope that after these 16 weeks, those that read it will have found a connection and understanding with these three characters. The fate of the forest rests on them.

Joshua Moody      6/15/19 10:53 PM

I am looking forward to week 11's release. It is full of emotion. As I plan for week 12, which will be a flashback to the day Elwin is Banished (the continuation of the origonal flashback in part one), I noticed a discrepancy in part 3. The character Connak did not show up in the flashback so it didn't make any sense. It is now fixed and will flow with part 12.