Anele Ranaroth
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Anele Ranaroth is a 6'2" tall wood elf with brown hair and brown eyes, his height defining him as an anomaly among wood elves.

At the age of ten, Anele was orphaned when both of his parents were sent to fight with the King's guard. He remembers watching them leave, waving to him atop their horses, with promises of a swift return. But the war turned bloody and his parents were lost. With no more living relatives he was sent to study the craft of the Monk with Master Miyagison high atop the tallest mountains in the central province. He quickly took to martial arts and was a quick learner.

Years passed and he was a star pupil, he and his friend Calchexus. They were mischievous lads, and dreamed of one day being masters themselves with they own Dojo to train other eager pupils the way....

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