Four Lost Souls
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Everyone has their own history, their own story to tell. This is the story of four lost souls.

A Paladin, strong and stubborn. A tiefling with a rough past until someone gave her a chance to dust off the gutter slime and stand proudly on her own two feet. With the help of her new found god, Sif, Zalari has set out to enrich her life with good and spread the words of Sif. She wants to see the world, battle evil, and help the helpless.

She is accompanied by a quiet wood elf, a monk, swift and fierce. Anele has trained with the best and his name is whispered far and wide as a burgeoning master. His passion for learning has lead him to the group for aid in his quest to uncover lost martial arts and in exchange he will use his training to protect them. His quiet demeanor and meditative gaze is...

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Table of Contents

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