Human Legacy
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*camera noises*
“Is it working?”
“Yeah, go ahead.”
“Okay.”  A woman fidgets in front of the camera. “So um, hi. My name is Meradith. Ah, you don’t know me, but I’m told you come from me. I mean my eggs. I mean, gah, I’m really horrible at this.”
“It’s okay, take your time Meradith.”
“Let me start again. Hi, I’m Meradith. You’re my clone, and though I’m not around to teach you and watch you grow, there may be a way for me to help you a little. Go with me on this.”
“Here.” A male hand extends into the frame and hands Meradith something.
“Thanks Joel. This is a book.” She holds it up to show the camera. “I want to teach you how to read. I know you...

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Table of Contents

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