Broken Silence, Broken Heart
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Jennifer slicked her lip gloss on to her lips and puckered her them at the mirror. "Perfect!"  
She fluffed up her hair and dabbed at the corners of her eyes, the smokey eye shadow clinging to her skin like the dew off of a fresh morning leaf. She stepped back and admired her made up face, skimming her freshly manicured nails over her tight red dress. Her perfectly sculpted calves were highlighted by her sky high heels; black and strappy. 
During her preening, a cell phone rang from atop the nightstand across the room.  She raced to it and answered without looking at the caller ID, "On my way!" She giggled into it and hung up. She skipped out of her apartment and on to the street. When she stepped out and onto the stoop, a crunch beneath her feet stopped her in he...

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