First Kiss
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My palms are sweating, she’s over there and I know I should just walk up and talk to her, but I can’t. She’s just so perfect, and I’m so… me. I trip over a trash can. Stupid me, my head is up in space somewhere. 
Oh shit. She’s noticed me.
Why is she looking this way? She must be looking past me. Do I have something on my shirt?
She’s only a few tables away, wait, she stopped. See, I knew she wasn't coming for me.
I’m so relieved.
Wait! She’s still looking over here. She’s walking again. 
She’s only a few people away.
Her lips look so soft.
Why is she here?
She’s like an angel.
Is she.. is she going to kiss me?
Her lips are inches away. So close. She smells so good. I gue...

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Table of Contents

Series Info