Unspoiled by Excess
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“Mom, it’s perfect!” Her daughter squealed before running back outside and onto the penthouse balcony.

“It’s very expensive, Erin. I’m not sure you need this lavish of an apartment for your freshman year. Wouldn't you be happy in the dorms with your sisters?” Erin popped her head around the doorframe, her pout very pronounced.

“Oh now dear,” her husband said from behind her, “if Erin wants to live in the sky, my little angel will do so.”

“Thanks Daddy!” Erin squeed again before disappearing back to the patio.

“Richard, do you think this is wise?” She whispered through clenched teeth. “You know Erin’s proclivity towards doing precisely what will hurt her in the long run.”

“Nonsense darling,...

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Table of Contents

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