Secrets in the Dark
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“Amber, Amber! This isn’t funny anymore, where are you?” Sarah tiptoes around the darkened kitchen of their rental apartment. In one hand she held a flashlight, in the other, her cell phone. “Amber, just because the power went out doesn’t mean we have to play tonight.” She muttered when she bumped into a stack of newspapers by the hearth. “I don’t want to play here. This is a strange house. I don’t know the layout well enough. Amber...” She whines like a child. She clicks her cellphone, and seeing the near dead battery and lack of signal, groans.

A floorboards creaked from the room behind her and she jumps, spinning and wildly splashing the flashlight to and from, “Amber? Is that you?”

A shadow from a car outside begins to stalk her alo...

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Table of Contents

Series Info