Arms of Mist
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She walked through the mist. It was dark, and the cold clung to her skin like the damp after being in a sauna. She didn't know where she was going so she just walked, following the sidewalks where they led her. The dark streets brought out giddy and gleeful giggles and she skipped even though it was dark. Darkness never scared her before, she knew it was her friend, it was familiar and would wrap her in its arms and keep her safe now.

He was most certainly looking for her, to try and get back what he lost. Searching and hunting, asking around. She’d only left a little while ago but she knew he must be ripping through their apartment like a bear in the wild. Furniture flying as he tossed it around the room, tearing down picture frames, yanking off sheets and flinging clothing from the cl...

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Table of Contents

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