Dark Secrets
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Lights flashed from every angle, blurring the red carpet beneath my feet. My brother, the star of this show, is up ahead a few paces. His blonde hair shining in the spotlights and matching his perfectly tailored suit.

“Miss Stanley! Miss Stanley! Can we have a smile?”

I turn and plaster the politician smile on my face and the reporter’s camera snap away. It’s been years since my father ran for office, but I still knew how to fake it and play their games.

As I try to keep my footing in my sky-high heels, I dutifully follow behind Jackson who, thankfully, has the most attention on him. Behind me my younger sister is draped over our father’s arm acting as his date while our mother is no doubt, in hiding at home. Mom’s always been supportive of my stable teaching car...

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Table of Contents

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