Family Reunion
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“Daniel, look what I found in Mom’s attic.” A tiny woman just over five feet with a mess of fiery curls entered the tiny cottage kitchen. “It’s some kind of strange locket. I can’t seem to get it open though.”

“Give it here, I’ll try.” Daniel, a portly man with ginger hair and a dusting of freckles, cleaned his hands on a blue tea towel and took the locket.

“Be careful. It’s stuck tight, I don’t want to break it.”

The door to the back porch opened and another ginger walked in. He was shirtless and sweaty, bits of leaves in his hair. “Yard is raked.”

“Thanks Johnny. Look what I found in mom’s attic.”

She carefully grabbed the chain while Daniel fiddled with the pendant.

“Is t...

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Table of Contents

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