The Pasta Man's Apprentice
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All of the ingredients were on the counted.  Countless spices, two heavy cans of tomato pureé, collection of raw foods and two clean and shining knives lay atop a cutting board. The chef took a heavy stock pot to the sink and turned the taps on, the sounds of rushing water filled the room and drowned out all hopes of communication.  When the pot was near full, wordlessly he heaved it to the stove and set it atop a burner, clicking the dial to high and tossing in some salt from a nearby bowl.  He passed me a can opener and directed me to open the two awaiting cans. much to my surprise the cans were room temperature and not cold as I previously expected. With a soft hiss the can opener pushed through the aluminum top and I began the difficult work of opening both cans.  When I f...

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Table of Contents

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