Humans vs Drones
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Today sucked! Fucking Marco and his bullshit with the car. Why do we always have the same problems? Don’t drink then drive. Easy. Apparently not. Now I have to walk to work while the car is being fixed.

“Excuse me, miss?”

Who is this drone? “What do you want, machine?”

“I simply wanted to offer you a chance at redemption. Release your anger. Be free.”

“Back the hell up, drone! You so much as pull a pin out to spill a drop of your blood and I’ll cut you down.”

“I could save your soul.”

“My soul could not be redeemed by you, even if you tried. Now, walk away.”

“I’ve tried. Have a magnificent existance Miss.”

“Fuck off.” Damn you Marco, you owe me a new car...

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Table of Contents

Series Info