Out with the Old
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This asshole better take his hand off my back in the next three seconds or I will-


His nervous, sweaty hand was gross.  At least he has the sense to be nervous. He should be.  They can’t do this to me.  I built that company.  They think by firing me that will be the end of it.  Never.  

Damn it!  

The smog is thick and the traffic is giving me a migraine.  Screw this city.  Maybe I’ll get out and move to the east coast.  They're more my speed anyway.

“Good day Miss Newton.”

If I smile, will he go away?

Apparently.  It’s about time he got the hint.

Oh good, my car.  I need a latte and a vodka.

“Let’s go Marco.  We’re done here.”


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Table of Contents

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