An Unwelcome Tea Party Guest
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“Miss Martha, do you wanna come has tea wif us?” Little Wren was pulling on my skirt and holding out a tiny plastic tea cup.

“Of course Wren, save me a seat.”

“Okay!” She giggles before running off to the table in the corner and babbling to her friends that I was coming for tea too.

I can’t help but smile, this young child was the highlight of my day. I finish drying up the real cups in the sink and stack them neatly in the cupboard.

“Miss Marrrrffffaaa!” Wren yells from the table.

“Coming Wren!” At five her sense of time was still faster than reality, but when I look at the sink still full of soapy dishes and then to the clock, I decide they can wait. I walk over and stop before the playset, hands clasped i...

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