Baring It All
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I can feel them all staring at me. When I walk past they snigger into their hands.

“Is that what I think it is?”

My head reflexively swivels in their direction. Yes, it is. I narrow my gaze, hunting for the person who was verbalizing what everyone else was thinking, but were nice enough to not say out loud.

Yes, I’m wearing a shirt with a naked bare assed baby on it, and yes, it’s my bare ass.

Someone else tries to cover a laugh with their palm.

“You need to say something Mike?” I ask knowing it was my coworker.

“No ma’am. Nothing.”

“Good. Unless you want to be sent out to wash the blouse my kid threw up on this morning on my way to work, then I suggest you get back to your desk.”...

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Table of Contents

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