Grandpa's Gift
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I’ve lead a good life. Really. I love my family and they love me. We’ve made it through many rough times and rejoiced through the good ones too. These days I love my quiet life, but it wasn’t always this way. Here, why don’t I show you. Get the projector out, I will tell you my story.


*swish click* Slide 1: 1972: A woman buys me from the church store.

*swish click* Slide 2: 1972: The woman, a wife, gifts me to my new owner, her husband.

*swish click* Slide 3: 1975: It’s been three years and he still finds joy in my company.

*swish click* Slide 4: 1989: Something exciting has happened; he’s a grandpa!

*swish click* Slide 5: 1995: A young girl sees me for the first time; she says I’m pretty.

*swish click* Slide 6: 19...

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Table of Contents

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