The End of Days
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I’m not sure how to tell you this. Well, actually, I’m even sure who you are. The year is 5427 and as far as I know, I’m the last human on earth. Some would have disagreed with me, told me that there has to be more out there, someone, or something. That our world couldn’t possibly be dying. Now, I know they were right.

Let me start at the beginning.

Two hundred years ago we ran out of water. Barely a decade later we ran out of food. The more resilient plants were next. Ten years later, without food and water humans learned to adapt. Mostly. Those that didn’t died. We mutated our cells, stopped reproducing, and halted the aging process. For over one hundred years were persevered. No one thought we couldn’t make it, that we wouldn't make it. Look how far w...

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