The Tiny Cottage
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It’s been three months since Craig past. I said goodbye to our home today. It never ends, the pain never goes away, even though they tell me it will at least lessen. The small cottage I found is cozy enough, and after downsizing, I will fit well enough in the 500 square-foot space. The kitchen is unpacked, I did that first when I got here. All of the stonewares from our wedding are in their place in a few cabinets in a tiny kitchen. I think he would like this home, except for the size. At 6’3” he would’ve felt cramped, but for me, I guess it’s okay. I have a little gardening space out front. I think I’ll plant some herbs and maybe some daisies. Dr. Lucas said I should get a hobby, and I guess gardening is as good as anything. I tried to tell him I enjoyed my moping...

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Table of Contents

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