Missy Anne Magoo
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There once was a woman who lived in a shoe.

Her name was Missy Anne Magoo.

She was witchy and a little bit bitchy,

But everyone knew she flew.


She had a tied up spider

and she definitely knew how to ride her,

for on Hallows Eve

She’d dangle from her eves

All while not trying to hide her.


Robes of black and hat in a stack,

Missy and her black cat; Myrrh, that pratt,

Terrorized the neighborhood,

All for fun and never for good.


Her cauldron did a’ bubble,

Her henchmen did a’ grumble,

Both spewing green and rarely seen.


Missy Anne Magoo, lived in a shoe,

She may have been bitchy,

But point it out, and she’d mak...

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