If Everyone Knew What I was Thinking
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If everyone knew what I was thinking, I’d have been locked away a long time ago.

Today, I was sitting in a café, minding my own business when I saw a couple pass by. The couple was hand-in-hand and all doe-eyed staring at each other. On the street next to them was a black Honda, driving toward them, but in no danger of leaving the road.

Here’s where I would scare people.

First, my brain thought, what if the car spun off the road and hit the couple. What would the driver feel when they made an impact? Would the couple crunch, or smoosh, or do something else entirely? I pictured their bodies leaving the ground to flip end over end in the air before landing with the sickening crack.

I blinked, shaking myself out of my daydream and looked around to find the couple a...

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