Collarless and Classy
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When I stepped into the ballroom I never expected what I saw. Hundreds of people spun in choreographed circles. Spinning and twirling, no end in sight for their perpetual footwork. The room was draped in glitter, gozzy white fabric created a drop ceiling, and lights were tucked in every corner. The men were dashing in their tuxedos, creased and crisp. They offered a stark contrast to the women who were flowy and delicate.

“Excuse me, can I get you something Miss?”

I jump at the server behind me, my heart racing. “No, thank you.”

“Then might I suggest you remove yourself from the doorway to finish your gawking.”

I blushed then, deep and crimson. I could feel the heat in my face. It would seem that everyone knows about me. How I don’t fit in. I don&rs...

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Table of Contents

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