Little Lessons
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“Brendon, get over here.”

A tiny toddler wobbled over and plopped down on his butt.

“Now pay attention.  Like this!”  She held out her arms and walked heel to toe.  “You need to balance.”

The little boy clapped, drool falling from his lips into a puddle on his shirt.

“You try.”  She helped him stand and pulled his arms out into a T.  “Be careful.”

He toddled and tumbled a step to the right.

“Watch it!  You’ll fall right through.  You have to land on the flat of your foot.”

“Foot! Foot!”

“Yes, foot.”  She placed his foot back on the spongy surface and patted it once.  “Now think light thoughts, pretend you’re a cloud.”

“Cloud! Cloud!”

“Right.  Now I’m letting go Brendon.”

The little boy sunk right through the cloud and disappeared from view.

“Brendon, when are you going to get this?”

She pulled a lever and a mechanical arm swung out over to where he fell and pulled him back up, dangling by his ankle.  

The little boy giggled and clapped his hands.  “Save! Save!”

“Yes, yes, I saved you.”  She placed him on the cloud next to her and ruffles his hair. “Lets try again.”

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