Cherished Part 3
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Hospitals smelled like death to Vanessa, and ever since her father had passed away, she’d kept as far from them as possible.  White paint and linoleum covered every surface, and people in robes and booties of soft pastel colors shuffled in and out of the room she was sharing with Matty.

The EMTs had examined the two of them in the ambulance, and after cleaning a few cuts and scrapes on Matty and explaining the minor concussion diagnosis for Vanessa, they had prescribed Advil and rest to heal the aches and pains that were sure to follow their ordeal.

When Matty began to ask about his mom, Vanessa had gently told him what had happened.  She could tell he didn’t understand it, but on some level, he must have.  No one had been able to take Matty from her after that, he’d...

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