Cherished Part 2
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Smoke filled the air, and hissing noises came from both cars as Vanessa carefully made her way through the rubble and over to the child.  He was frantic now, she could hear it in his hoarse cries; he was throat raw from the smoke and the screaming.  When she finally made it over to his door, she saw his car seat was still strapped in and relatively intact.  

“Hey, buddy.  You alright?”  She asked softly as she slipped her hand through the broken glass and unlocked the door.  “Come on, can you look at me?  What’s your name?”

The young boy hiccuped and closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face, glistening in the light and matching the glass covering his Batman pajamas.

“That’s better.  No more crying alright?  I&rsquo...

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