A Tale of Icarus Part 5
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“Eight years we have lived with the labyrinth Icarus, eight long years.  Now we shall leave this dreadful tower.”

“Minos shall not be happy Father.”

“Minos?" Daedalus says with a crinkled brow before realization sparks in his eyes. "Minos.  His anger cannot be avoided.  I paid my debt.  I did his deed.  I am to be free." Daedalus crosses to the doorway out to the parapet. "Come, boy, are you ready to depart this accursed tower forever?”

“I am.”  Icarus turns to look at the small tower room that had been his home for eight years to the day.  He had grown here, been hurt here, learned here.  His squeaky cot, his rickety chair, the tufts of feathers everywhere.  They were all...

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