A Tale of Icarus Part 4
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As the days continued to pass on Icarus grew more and more restless.  The idea of being free of his cell and therefore no longer tied to his father was temptation dangling in the forefront of his mind.  As for Daedalus, he was growing more and more exasperated with not finding a way to bind the wings out of the mass of feathers Icarus has been gathering.  That is, until one evening when Icarus knocked over a candle.  

Their nightly meal had been delivered, and the men had eaten, and Daedalus had returned to his work reviewing all of the plans that had failed them so far, looking for a hint of something with promise.  Icarus, bored and going stir crazy due to the storm howling outside of the parapet, was sitting within the candlelight next to the rickety table in a ring of the feath...

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