A Tale of Icarus Part 3
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“Father.  I have today’s cache.  It isn’t much, but tomorrow will be better.”

“Yes yes.  Put them away.  Thank you m’boy.”

Icarus walks to his cot and stoops down to peek under it.  He reaches below and pulls out a sack, worn and tattered and full to the brim with feathers.  

“We have quite a lot Father, is it not enough yet?”

Not looking up from his papers Daedalus answers, “No son, we need much more if this is going to work.  Keep searching.  Hurry now, stow those away.”

With one last glance at his bounty, Icarus places the thirteen feathers he had found that morning into the sack and hides it away beneath his bed.  A knock echoes up from within the tower below, and Icarus is shocked to h...

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